Foreo – Luna Play Plus

I’ve always been curious about FOREO, but the price tag really gave me a BIG GULP! So when I made a solo trip to Sephora at ‘Kedai Belakang Rumah’ aka One Utama, I decided to check on Foreo. And of course, me being me (i.e. cheapskate) I asked the sales person  “Which one is the cheapest version?” Haha… And she recommended me this – Luna Play Plus!

Foreo - Luna Play Plus 2

I was hesitant to purchase at first, because unlike the superior versions Luna Play Plus has only one type of bristle. While the superior versions have variations of bristles according to skin types, namely sensitive, oily and etc. Having very sensitive skin, I was very scared of choosing the wrong one.

Nonetheless, now after I’ve been using it for almost 2 months I can’t help but fall in love with it! I must admit, I initially panicked! What if the device is too abrasive? You spent so much only to ruin your skin further. But phew, all is good peeps! As a matter of fact, my skin is doing great!

The first time using it, I actually pressed down my finger on the vibrate button the whole time which can be quite tiresome. Only at the end, I realised that you just need to press the button only once. After I figured out on how to use it, it was actually easy and simple to handle. Just press the button once and glide it around your face.


The thicker bristles to be used on oiler zone, which in my case my T-Zone.

I usually use it together with my Cetaphil. Once I tried using it with Loccitane Precious Cleansing Foam and I didn’t like it. Somehow the device absorbed the foam and left my face feeling tight after the wash.

The verdict? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’m actually looking forward to wash my face every night now. Hahaha! Honestly, I love it right from the first time I used it. Skin feels so smooth after the wash.

Like I said earlier, I was hesitant to purchase this at first because of its mixed reviews and of course the price! But now I can definitely say it’s worth every cent! The bristles are soooo soft, and the pulse isn’t too strong. I have sensitive, dry skin and the Luna Play Plus works fine with me. Make sure to choose the right facial wash though.

The Drawbacks


Since this is the cheapest version, the size is rather small. You need to be patient and spend a longer time to cover/wash the whole face. But since I enjoy the experience, it’s not really an issue to me. It also doesn’t have multiple settings that the superior models offer.

Some said the battery is replaceable, while others said that once the battery is out, its totally gone. Since I’ve only be using it for less than 2 months, I must say I am quite nervous to know the outcome.

I would say this is still a good buy for me. It is a good indicator before I can consider buying a more expensive version of Foreo.

P.S: CheeseBoy is very curious and been playing with it. He even asked ‘Ada male’s version tak?’

Note: Luna Play Plus price is RM221. You can check on the prices here


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