Recipe: Wet Buttered Chicken

Hi peeps, I know that I haven’t been sharing for quite some time. So, today I decided to share a recipe of one of CheeseBoy’s favourite dishes – WET BUTTERED CHICKEN.

The Ingredients

2 pieces of chicken breast (boneless and cut into cubes)

2 table spoon butter 

3 birds eye chilies (you can add or reduce the quantity according to your preference)

1 stalk curry leaves

230 ml evaporated milk (again you can vary the amount according to your thickness preference)

A pinch of Knorr chicken powder (optional – and I don’t usually put them in all my cooking)

Salt and Pepper 


1 tea spoon salt 

1/2 table spoon sugar 

2 tea spoon curry powder 

1 egg

How to  Cook? 

Marinate the chicken cubes in the marinade for a minimum of 1 hour. Anything less may not be as tasty 

WBC - 001

Deep fry the chicken cubes or you  may also brown it in a non-stick pan (I prefer the latter method, as I think the chicken cubes will be juicier)

WBC - 002

Dish-up the chickens and set aside

Heat the wok with butter. Fry curry leaves and birds eye chillies until fragrant. 

Pour in evaporated milk and bring it to boil. Add in Knorr chicken powder, salt and pepper to taste.

WBC - 003.JPG

Add the chicken and cook for a while – the flour added to the chicken will thicken the sauce. If it is too spicy, just add in more sugar (I usually don’t though as I kind of dislike it sweet)

WBC - 007

WBC - 005

Serve it with hot rice.

WBC - 006

Additional note: I actually did not use the evaporate milk for this dish. Instead I used cooking cream (you may refer to picture below). This is the matter of preference and I believe most people actually used evaporated milk for this dish. I used cooking cream because I don’t quite like the sweet taste from the evaporated milk. Oh, in case you are wondering I actually used the whole box of cooking cream per serving.

WBC - 004

Hope this recipe helps. Happy cooking peeps!


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