iPad Air

I am currently using iPhone 4 (the last batch who can use IOS7). Instead of drooling over the iPhone 5S/5C, I am actually eyeing for the iPad Air! Ever since I started using my New iPad, I spend very little time with my phone but can’t live without iPad (Sometimes I even hug my iPad during my sleep :P). There are higher chances of me replying to Facebook message rather than SMS/Whatsapp. So peeps, now you know how to catch me!

When I expressed my intention to get another iPad to hubs, his first response was “Are you going to sell your current iPad?” My answer was “NO WAY!” The iPad was very significant to me. For the first time in my life I chose something else over handbag, and that something else was the iPad. Yup, I used to be one of those who don’t mind not going for holiday or big chunky diamond as long as I can get a new handbag. Lame? I know! Hence, I’m never ever gonna get rid of my current iPad. Awww….How I’ve grown up!!

To be honest, I am also highly considering switching to Samsung Note 3. I must admit when the sales dude at BV2 demonstrated the phone to me, I was totally awed by it despite being an avid fan of Apple (much influenced by hubs of course). I bet the moment that I get the phone for myself my whole siblings going to bash me on it. Hehehe…It is always me against them! When they were all happily chatting via BBM, I was the only left out because I use the iPhone and now when they all switched to Android (Samsung in particular) I am still with iPhone and always proud of it.

Oh well, do you know that 70% of Malaysia phone market now is actually conquered by Androids? Plus my job requires me to use Androids devices compared to iPhone, solely because we can build more apps with Android compared to iPhone due to restrictions imposed by Apple. In my defense, there are plenty of opportunities that we can explore from Android.


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