Shark and the Bear

After 11 years together, I’ve finally figured out that Belacan Girl and I are built differently. Very differently.

Belacan Girl is the type that can’t stop moving. She’ll always find something to do, e.g. mall hopping, shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, playing games on her iPhone 6S Plus, etc. She’ll get very bored if she doesn’t have anything to do. She simply doesn’t know how to rest. Sleep doesn’t come easy for her too. Tossing and turning all the time. In the end, Belacan Girl will hit that limit where her system just crashes. That’s when she’ll be wanting a holiday somewhere where we wont be disturbed by anyone. (Preferably not in Malaysia) We’ll be spending money just to sleep. Hahaha.

  There’s an animal that doesn’t rest, and will die if it stops moving. It’s the SHARK!

Belacan Girl the Shark

On the other hand, I am someone who work really hard in short bursts, and will rest before overheating. Resting comes so easy for me. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I will not do stuff without good reason. Every effort is precious and much thought will be given before doing something. Things like mall hopping or shopping must be done quickly like a SWAT team strike. In and out in the shortest time possible. Effectiveness and efficiency is the key. After all that activity, then comes the much needed eating session. Food needs to be delicious and nutritious for that upcoming activity(ies). The male body is designed to store calories and energy for strenuous activities; much of the fat stored in my ever expanding mid-section. After food comes the hibernation. Sleep and naps are a must. Will be extremely cranky and deadly when disturbed.

There’s an animal that does work in short bursts, eat a lot, and sleeps a lot. It’s the BEAR!

Cheeseboy the Bear

Luckily we have accepted that we’re the SHARK and the BEAR.  What sort of animal are you?


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