PANTONE Fashion Colour Report Fall 2016

Hi peeps! Hope it’s not too late for me to wish all of you Happy New Year! I know, I know, its already mid of February already:) Anyway, it’s time of year where CheeseBoy and I have to decide what colour to wear for this coming Eid (I’ve ganti-ed my puasa, so I can start early right?) Oh well, normally it would be me deciding on what colour to wear because CheeseBoy would just recycle what ever he had. But this year, is going to be different because his baju melayus are worn out. If I’m not mistaken, the last time he ever custom made one was 7 years ago. Yup, it has been that long! Well, in his defense he has more than 10 pairs baju melayu combined.

So, I couldn’t be more than excited when I received Pantone Fashion Colour Report for Fall 2016 in my mailbox.

Here are the 10 wonderful colours that we can look forward to. Hope you and I both can have the inspiration from this. Enjoy!


(PANTONE – Riverside : 17-4028)

Pantone Airy Blue

(PANTONE – Airy Blue:14-4122)


(PANTONE – Aurora Red: 18-1550)


(PANTONE – Bodacious: 17-3240)


(PANTONE – Dusty Cedar: 18-1630)


(PANTONE – Lush Meadow: 18-5845)


(PANTONE – Potter’s Clay: 18-1340)


(PANTONE – Sharkskin: 17-3914)


(PANTONE – Spicy Mustard: 14-0952)


(PANTONE – Warm Taupe: 16-1318)

Note: All images are not mine, they belong to You may also read the full report there 🙂


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