Clingy Couple

Clingy Couple

Belacan Girl rarely goes outstation for work. This week she left for Bangkok for 4 days, leaving me alone in KL. (krik krik krik) Other husbands would be celebrating their limited-time freedom from their wives, but I think I’m an exception. Why? Because we’re a clingy couple. Like seriously. Most of the free time we have we…

Shark and the Bear

After 11 years together, I’ve finally figured out that Belacan Girl and I are built differently. Very differently. Belacan Girl is the type that can’t stop moving. She’ll always find something to do, e.g. mall hopping, shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, playing games on her iPhone 6S Plus, etc. She’ll get very bored if she…

We’re on Instagram!

Okay, okay. We admit we’re a bit too busy with work lately and have been neglecting to update. Guess what? We made an Instagram account so that we can update on the fly! (Self high-five!) Just click here to follow! -> ‘belacangirlcheeseboy‘ <- Just click here to follow!