Sofina is back!

I’m a big fan or large and spacious bags, as I tend to bring whatever I can carry with me. My mom and sister frequently made remarks on how heavy my bag usually is and they love to ask me “Don’t you love your bag?” Sheesh…thank you for making me feel so good (not!). I love my bags but I can’t help it; I need to carry my medications, tissues, wet tissues, my phones, my iPad, the chargers and my Moleskine (The bag would be even heavier on working days as I tend to carry multiple gadgets) . And they who complained will eventually ask me “You got tissue or not?” Annoying right?! Oh well, bottom line, my requirement for handbags these days if it doesn’t fit my iPad then the bag is no good to go.

So when Sometime and FashionValet’s co-founder Vivy Yusof (and fellow blogger) collaborated and launched a handbag collection called “Sofina” I instantly became very interested. According to Vivy, she named it Sofina as a tribute to her sister (Sofina is a combination of their middle name: Safina + Sofinas = Sofina) and the bag is very much of her sister which is simple, practical and sophisticated without comprising the quality.

My first purchase was the green colour Sofina, and I totally loved it. So I decided to buy a couple more, which is in fuschia and yellow. Hubs called it “The traffic light” collection  🙂


When they were announcing Sofina 2, I was not very keen initially (I was rationalizing to myself, you got 3 Sofina already, do you really need another 1? You need to start saving for your year end trip, I kept on telling myself) Well… all these chanting worked well until I discovered that they have Sofina 2 in dark brown! So without much deliberation, I impulsively clicked on dark brown and COD … taadaa… I’m done!

Here is my dark brown Sofina 2, I really love the colour and material. It kinda looks seasoned, which is to my liking. Sofina 2 is slightly smaller compared to its predecessor, but l like the compact design yet still spacious on the inside. No regrets peeps!


Of course, I also need this Gin&Jacqie organizer so I can move from stuffs from one bag to another quickly! Another problem solved!



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