Star Wars Overload

At the time of writing, the 7th installment of Star Wars movie – The Force Awakens will be released in 1 more hour. Yeah, on this side of continent the movie will be released on 16th midnight, slightly earlier compared to the rest of world. (Oh well, we know the main reason why. Don’t we, fellow Malaysians? *wink* )

If you could still remember, my husband once wrote on his Star Wars movie countdown here. All I can say now, my husband is totally obsessed with Star Wars. He sleeps, talks and breathe Star Wars, to the point that it annoys me to the max. Couple of weeks ago, he can’t stop taking selfies (he never takes selfies!), which definitely made me curious. I started to wonder whether he has a new a girlfriend. But to my relief, he was actually taking selfies through the Star Wars app. Phew! (CheeseBoy: Typical suspicious wife. Always suspecting the wrong thing. Hehe)

Obi Wan Charlie

There was also this light saber that he downloaded,

Great Light Saber App

Some little bird told me that he has been attacking his staffs and colleagues with this light saber app of his. Tsk..tsk..tsk…super chronic case. 😀

Just amazing how Disney is monetizing the heck out of the movie even way before the movie release. Every time I browse my social media timeline, there’s bound to be at least 1 Star Wars commercial appearing. And as I walk in the mall, I can see Star Wars merchandise everywhere. And it doesn’t help when also as you about to close your eyes, suddenly you heard the Darth Vader marching tune. Yup, it was my husband watching god-knows-what-star-wars-related from his phone. Gggrrr… (Cheeseboy: It’s called the Empire March, dear.)

I have been reminding CheeseBoy not to put so much expectations on the movie, as he may end up disappointed. Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace was total rubbish. Remember Jar Jar Binks? Phew, he is not making an appearance on this movie!

So, what we are going to do now, is to stop reading or viewing any post on Star Wars (at least until we’ve watched it ourselves). We are trying to avoid any spoilers or anything that may influence our expectation on the movie. We seriously hope that we are going to survive the next few hours.



Oh, a little throwback. I still remember when they used to sell this when I was still a kid. This one has Ewoks, definitely came from Return of the Jedi episode.

Star Wars Tooth Brush







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