The Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0

We definitely enjoyed our experience at the Fancy Breakfast Club at the old house, and we were kind of sad when they took a break from Fancy Breakfast Club 2.0 (because we missed the chance to go!). So when we discovered that they are reopening, we couldn’t be more excited. So excited that we actually made reservation for their debut brunch.

Verdict? The food was good as always!

Typically, Fancy Breakfast Club Weekend Brunch offers semi-buffet, whereby you get to choose 1 main dish and dessert plus buffet. This time around there was a slight twist, instead of buffet spread we were served with bottomless appetizer platter. The portion for was large and good that we didn’t even asked for refill.

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 001Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 005

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 003

We absolutely loved the platter combo, fruits, saute veggies, rocket salad, bread, hummus and chutney certainly blended well. Till today, we still keep on thinking about the hummus and chutney, it was to die for! (Read: We need to visit them again, soon!)

The drinks were also free flow 🙂

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 002

As for main dish and dessert, you will be given a menu to choose from. However, based on our previous experience menu will change on weekly basis. As for the inaugural brunch, the menu is as below.

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 014

For main dish I chose The Fish and The Profiterole for dessert, whereas CheeseBoy selections were The Beef and The Cake.

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 006Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 008

The Fish: Salmon fillet drenched in teriyaki sauce serve with quinoa and half of beet dyed soft boiled egg

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 007

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 009

The Beef: Cut brisket served with veggie-glazed and side of of garlic infused sweet potato mash (Note: I bet this must be really good, that CheeseBoy forgot to offer me some :P)

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 010

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 011

The Profiterole: Cream puff tower with green tea pastry cream

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 017

The Cake: Espresso cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream serve on the side

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 004

From the image, you can see that the place is pretty much bare. Worry not, as it is intentionally done that way. This is because Fancy Breakfast Club also offers event organizing at their place. The bare space will allow them to transform the venue easily to suits customer’s’ theme.

On the other note, daily breakfast also available now from Tuesday to Friday.  The set goes at RM40 per head which includes main dish, side dish and juice as well as refillable coffee or tea.

Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 012

The new location and business hours for Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0 are as below:


Fancy Breakfast Club 3.0
6-1, Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: 

Daily Breakfast
Tuesday – Friday / 8AM – 12PM

Weekend Brunch
Saturday & Sunday / 11PM – 2PM
(By reservation)

For weekend brunch reservations and enquiries on personalized events –


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