P&G Duck Scarves Promotion!

So it was another typical day where I walked in to Watson KLCC to get my monthly supply for my skin care (Yes, I get my skin care just from the drugstore, I’m low maintenance like that :P) In case you are wondering what sort of skin care I’m using, it”s OLAY peeps!



So these are the only things I use to maintain my skin 😛

I’ve been using Olay since my school days and ever since it has been one of the trusted brand for me. When I started working, there was one point of time that I used SKII, but when my financial went bad, I decided to go back to Olay. (In case you didn’t know, SKII and Olay are brands under Procter & Gamble)

Anyway, to my surprise while paying at the counter, I discovered that with minimum purchase of RM40 of any P&G products (Olay, Pantene, Head & Shoulder and Rejoice are the only brands I could think of at the moment) you are entitled to receive free limited edition Duck Scarves for FREE! Yay! To all Duck fans out there, what are you waiting for?

My review on the scarf? Here goes…

 The box is not of the same quality from the usual Duck box that you get with normal purchase. The gold charm is slightly smaller; no specially printed note card from Vivy and D, instead there’s a note printed on the inner part of the box. The colour blocking for the combo is really nice, but the material of the scarf is slightly thinner and you won’t be seeing the trademark border finishing.  Oh well, its FREE item peeps, how much can you really expect? 😛

Stay Beautiful - Duck Box

[The box]

Stay Beautiful - Duck Scarf

[The scarf and inner box]

I’m sure it’s very limited, so make sure to ask for your free Duck upon purchase of P&G products above RM40 at Watsons!

Additional Note:

Just an update here, apparently according to Vivy’s and D’s instagram, promo only valid for purchases of Head & Shoulders and Pantene only. But promo also available at Tesco outlets as well.


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