Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia

Belacan Girl and I are both big Fazura fans. (Can’t blame me cuz I’m a guy, but I think Belacan Girl also has a girl-crush… hehehe) Belacan Girl knows all of Fazura’s movies, and she’s been bugging me to go Faz’s latest flick, Manisnya Cinta Di Cappadocia.

I have no clue what the movie’s about (Belacan Girl has read the novel Manisnya Cinta by Anis Ayuni countless times though), except that it’s directed by Bernard Chauly and scripted by Rafidah (of 3R fame) and produced by Red Films who made Gol & Gincu, Pisau Cukur, Istanbul Aku Datang and other quality flicks. We always try to catch Red Films movies at the theaters cuz we know it’ll be money well spent for Malaysian film. (Hey, support local cinema okay? They’re really getting better year-by-year.)

Here’s the cute trailer, and some photos. Let’s go watch it 11 December okay?

Manisnya Cinta 01

[Gorgeous Fazura… Need we say more?]

Manisnya Cinta 03

[Shaheizy Sam and Faz. You can already see the on-screen chemistry]

Manisnya Cinta 04

 [The always cool Faizal Hussein. Behind the scenes pic.]

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