Review: Sedap Place

Hi Peeps. Been awhile since we’ve blogged about anything. A lot has happened during our blog hiatus and mostly because of our move to Australia. But that’s another story for another post.

Today we’d like to share about our experience at a Malaysian restaurant called ‘Sedap Place’ situated in a suburb near Perth called Victoria Park. There are plenty of Malaysian restaurants in Perth (because there are so many Malaysians here. Seriously, you can throw a stone a hit one), but this is one spot where the food actually taste similar or the closest to what we can get in Malaysia. The nasi lemak reminds us of the famous Village Park in Damansara Utama, the mee goreng mamak tastes like the one at Qbistro, and the other dishes taste similarly authentic. The menu is not watered down much to suit to Australian taste buds, which is really great. The sambal is pedas (spicy), the beef rendang taste like the ones you find during Hari Raya, the beehoon goreng Siam taste like it’s supposed to be. There are many more dishes on the menu, so if you are in Perth and ever find yourself homesick for Malaysian food, do drop by this place. It will relieve some of that rinduness. The service is also excellent, and you’ll find it a friendly environment where you’ll see Australians and many Malaysians hang out. Oh, yeah. The food is halal which always give us peace of mind.

Check out some pics below:

Above: Huge portion of nasi lemak ayam goreng  Sedap Place Bihun Goreng Siam

Above : Meehoon Siam. Delicious! Look at the size of those prawns!

And here’s the menu to check out before you come over:

Sedap Place Menu 1Sedap Place Menu 2

Sedap Place Menu 3

Sedap Place is also available on Uber Eats, and they deliver around Perth. Give them a call.

Sedap Place
876 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park 6101
Western Australia
Contact: +61 08 6161 0741
Opening Hours (Mon – Sun): 11.30am-2.30pm / 5.00pm-8.30pm

(Featured image credit to Sedap Place Facebook Page)


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