Nippon Sushi @ Kelana Jaya

CheeseBoy and I are certified Japanese food junkies. All these while we have been frequenting a lot of Japanese restaurants, but there’s always something at the back of our minds on their halal-ness. (We tend to ask their chefs on what ingredients they used, the sources, etc., just to be sure.) Our prayers has finally answered, a halal Japanese restaurant just opened its doors closer to home. Yippie!

Located at Highpark Suite Kelana Jaya, this is Nippon Sushi’s 9th outlet and by far their largest outlet. Nippon Sushi at Kelana Jaya can hold up to 104 pax per sitting! To those wondering, this outlet is yet to received their halal certification (the whole process can really take a long time, but it’s just a matter of time), but their central kitchen had received halal certification. So be rest assured that food served here is halal.

Nippon Sushi KJ 5

Nippon Sushi KJ 4

Nippon Sushi KJ 1Nippon Sushi KJ 2.jpg

Nippon Sushi KJ 3

Wondering what we ordered? Here goes peeps! (But gotta warn you, the list is very very long :P)

The appetisers: 

Nippon Sushi 001

Smoked Duck – Love the tenderness and how it is not too salty! 

Nippon Sushi 002

Salted Egg Salmon Skin – Yummeh! 

Nippon Sushi 003

Potato Salad – So good! 

Kaiten Belt Sushi: 

Nippon Sushi 007

Chicken Floss (Pink Plate: RM2.10)

Nippon Sushi 006

Salmon Sushi (Orange Plate: RM3.20)

Nippon Sushi 004

Hana Mayo (Red Plate: RM4.30)

Nippon Sushi 005

Unagi Sushi (Purple Plate: RM5.30)

Nippon Sushi 008

 Hana Ebiko (Purple Plate: RM5.30)

The Sashimi

Nippon Sushi 012

5 Pieces Salmon Belly (RM15.60)

Premium Rolled Sushi!

Nippon Sushi 013

Fire Dragon Roll – Eel, Shrimp & Cheese

Nippon Sushi 014

Left: Crunchy Salmon, Right: Soft Shell Crab

Here’s a little tip when ordering the premium rolled sushi peeps. Their portion is rather generous.  We were so shocked when the food arrived. The sushis are so huge! Make sure that you don’t over order like us, yeah?

The Hot Stuff!

Nippon Sushi 009

Ebi Tempura – Prawns served are fresh. Love! 

Nippon Sushi 010

Salmon Toro Teriyaki – Salmon Belly, come to my tummy!

Nippon Sushi 011

Unagi Kabayki – This is my personal favourite. So, so, so delicious! And I am proud to say ‘Makanlah tanpa was-was!’ Foreseeing myself repeating Nippon Sushi for this dish.

Our verdict?

Food spread: We are actually very impressed with the menu’s spread. The menu ranges from kaiten belt sushi plates to teppanyaki (not many Japanese restaurants have this!) to tempuras to bento sets. I must say, as compared to other sushi chains, Nippon Sushi has whole lot more variety when it comes to hot dishes.

Taste: To Japanese cuisine connoisseurs out there, we’re quite sure that you could taste the difference between Nippon Sushi’s food taste and other non-halal Japanese food outlets. This is mainly due to all ingredients are carefully selected to avoid sake, mirin, or other non-halal elements. Nonetheless, to be honest, we actually found the food here tasty. And from the feedback we heard from non-Muslims, they said the taste is pretty much similar.

Value for Money: For the taste and portion size, you get more than what you pay for.

Here’s the kaiten belt sushi menu for your reference:

BGCB - Nippon Sushi - Sushi Menu 001

BGCB - Nippon Sushi - Sushi Menu 002

BGCB - Nippon Sushi - Sushi Menu 003

BGCB - Nippon Sushi - Sushi Menu 004

BGCB - Nippon Sushi - Sushi Menu 005

And for more selections here’s another menu for you to check out (Just make sure you won’t be drooling while reading it!)

Nippon Sushi Menu 001

Nippon Sushi Menu 004

Nippon Sushi Menu 003

Nippon Sushi Menu 002

Nippon Sushi Menu 005

Nippon Sushi Menu 015nippon-sushi-menu-014.jpgNippon Sushi Menu 013



Nippon Sushi Menu 008

Nippon Sushi Menu 009

Nippon Sushi Menu 010

Nippon Sushi Menu 011

Nippon Sushi Menu 012

Interesting right? So, if you want to drop by, below are the address and telephone number. Enjoy!

Contact Details:
Nippon Sushi Kelana Jaya
Address: L1-3AK, L1-5K & L1-6K, Residensi Highpark, Jalan SS 6/7, SS 6,Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 0378879888



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