Nam, The Republik

Those who follow us closely would know that both CheeseBoy and I love our ‘nasi itik’ (duck rice). Once a month, we will get our dosage from Kenny Hills Bistro. However, our last dose of duck rice was way back in June, as Kenny Hills closed down for renovations until later this year. It was a few sad months that we went without nasi itik. 😦

We certainly excited when we were informed that our favourite duck rice is back at ‘NAM’, and NAM had finally opened its doors at The Republik last month. And yeah,  Nam is located just across Blonde at The Republik. (Guess, it will be the current ‘it’ place for foodies!) 

Nam Duck Rice

Nam Duck Rice 2.JPG

Cravings fulfilled! Naturally, we ordered roast duck rice during our recent visit (Haha…by recent I meant a month ago peeps! #facepalm). I believe the price (RM28) is slightly higher than it was before at Kenny Hills Bistro (just by RM2 or RM3, I can’t really remember) But, the taste haven’t changed one bit! So, its okay 😀

We also ordered the Nam Mixed Platter, which basically a platter of appetisers. It comprise of Crispy Egg Plant (My personal favourite. Seriously it has similar taste to Kyochon. Hehe), Salt and Pepper Squid (This is nice too!), Yam Cake (Yummy as well!), and Rice Paper Roll (my least favourite).

In essence, Nam is actually a Vietnamese restaurant. But the roast duck rice is included in the menu because it’s highly on demand. Since Nam is also sister’s company of Kenny Hills Bakers, they serve similar desserts here, but the choices are rather limited.

So, if you miss your duck rice like us (or simply adventurous on trying out new Vietnamese dishes) do heads up to Nam for their scrumptious food.

As usual, here’s the menu as your point of reference.

Nam Menu .jpg




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