Blonde by Serai Group

Back in early September when we visited Blonde, the place was rather new and the queue was madness. Since we just arrived home from Perth at that time, CheeseBoy and I couldn’t be bothered to dress-up, but we were surprised to see how everyone in the queue dressed to the nine. I guess all were keen to take photo at yet another insta worthy cafe. So, when they asked us whether it was okay for us to be seated outside where there wasn’t any queue, we immediately agreed to it. Anything to not be in queue! Honestly, we just came to eat and quickly go home to catch up with our sleep.

Blonde by Serai Group 004 .jpgThe ‘comot’ us! 

Here’s what CheeseBoy and I ordered during our visit:


CheeseBoy ordered 250gm Beef Burger. He requested for the beef to be cooked medium but the burger came well done! Fortunately, the taste was pretty good. Else, sure drama!

On the other hand, I had decided to order the Asian Platter. The dish comes with spiced fried chicken, grilled squid, asam king prawn, served with rice and acar. I must say I actually enjoyed this dish.

Blonde by Serai Group 002Blonde by Serai Group 003

We also ordered, the signature pavlova for dessert. Good effort by Blonde by having table presentation for the pavlova. Unfortunately, we wished it was done more smoothly. A clearer pronunciation and more enthusiastic presentation would be more appreciated :P. Taste wise, we find the meringue a bit too sweet and sugary. Nonetheless, we love the generosity of fruits used.

Blonde BY Serai Group 005

Anyways, here is the full menu for your reference. (Hope nothing has changed since our last visit!):

Blonde Menu

Blond by Serai Group Menu 002Blond by Serai Group Menu 003Blonde by Serai Group Menu 004Blonde by Serai Group Menu 005Blonde by Serai Group Menu 006

Verdict? There are some hits and misses. But I must say that I really like the menu spread. Love that they included the Asian Platter. I  have been complaining a lot in the past that many cafes in Malaysia tend to miss the local dishes in their menu. (Trust me, there are a lot of folks out there who can’t live without their rice!) Unlike in Indonesia (Jakarta particularly), despite how fancy their cafes are, they tend to include 1 or 2 local dishes. So, thumbs up to Blonde on a very thoughtful menu!




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