Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask Review

Hi peeps! Recently CheeseBoy and I went for a super short getaway trip (will write a different blog post on it!) and as usual I brought along so many skin care with me. (Best time to take care of your skin is during holiday!) Upon seeing me carrying so much stuff, CheeseBoy suggested that I made a video review for Sand and Sky Pink Clay Mask.

Basically this is the set that I bought. (It’s now 30% sale now!) You can purchase them here

The Ultimate Pore Perfection Kit

Enjoy the review peeps!

Hahaha… I know the video kinda sucks. Oh well, it is our first attempt! We discovered so many areas where we need to improve. Hopefully we can make better videos in the future! (Btw, please subscribe the Belacan Girl Cheese Boy YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button! We need more subs! haha)

Till the next post peeps!

PS: My skin did have a breakout the day after using it. Not sure whether I should solely blame it on the mask. Maybe it’s because I consumed asam pedas ikan pari (which I’m allergic to) and I haven’t changed my bedsheets in 2 weeks (gross, I know!) So, I will try it again and update you on my skin condition. Do wait for my second video ya! Oh, thanks for reading and watching.




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