To Keto or Not to Keto

Some of you may have kept track of our change in lifestyle. For the past 1.5 years, we have consciously made choices that (hopefully) make us healthier in the years to come.

We are definitely not ones who chase after ‘quick results’. In health, we sincerely believe there are no short cuts. To get healthy in the mind and body is a marathon, not a sprint. Last year we started going to the gym on constant basis, ate cleaner, participated in yoga, dipped ourselves in aqua exercise classes, went on vacations, and joined many other activities. Alhamdulillah, we have noticed changes in our physiology and stamina. We are more alert, productive, and our moods improved as a result.

Just to share, we managed to join a beginner’s class to Keto last weekend. We’re sure you might have heard about the keto lifestyle. You know, the lifestyle where you pay attention to your carbohydrate intake, and take more proteins and fat. The class called ‘ABC to Keto’ was organised by @asianketo (check out her Instagram), together with @ehfiralah (checkout her IG too).


ABC to Keto

So what have we learned?

Keto is a definite change of lifestyle. We’re talking about minimising carbs to the lowest point, where the body goes into ‘ketosis’ and burns fat for energy instead. In Malaysia, we are spoiled and so used to having carbs on daily basis. Our entire diet is wholly carb-based. We wake up in the morning and eat nasi lemak / roti canai / mee goreng with a cup of teh tarik / kopi / milo for breakfast. In the afternoon, we go for lunch having nasi campur / nasi goreng / nasi kandar / etc.  Some may even go for afternoon tea having cekodoks, and other yummy kuihs. In the evening, we dinner nasi with delicious lauks (homecooked of course) and possibly some desserts.

Notice a pattern above? It’s all CARBS, CARBS, CARBS! SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR!

No wonder Malaysians are among the most obese in the region. When we consume THAT much sugar, it translates to obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and many other sickness. A point to note that @asianketo and @ehfiralah are cancer warriors! And what feeds cancer? SUGAR! They are now on a crusade to create awareness on the benefits of keto and possible health benefits that come with it.


ABC to Keto

(Side Note: Does anyone remember the classic Milo commercial jingle? ‘Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat’ was drummed into our heads by relentless marketing campaigns when we were younger. Now, it is well known that Milo has a really high sugar content. No wonder when kids were fed Milo in the morning, they seem really energetic. They are all on sugar high!)

Now, are we ready to go on full keto? The answer is ‘not yet’. We’ll probably go on a low-carb diet first. (Gotta start somewhere, right?)

To go on a fully keto lifestyle requires a total change in lifestyle. No more carbs, so that means bye bye nasi lemak, roti canai, nasi goreng, nasi ayam, nasi kandar (Gasp!), and many other yummy food we take for granted. Therefore, you will need a strong WHY and reason to go on the journey. You can go on keto for a few months, and there will definitely be great results to your health. But if your WHY isn’t good enough to maintain the lifestyle, the average person will revert back to their old habits.

We are not experts on keto, so it’s better to hear it from the experts themselves. Do join their classes (oh yeah, they share delicious keto recipes too!) and listen for yourselves on the benefits. Who knows? It may save your life, or your loved ones.

P.S: Their next class is on 12 October 2019. For more information, follow @asianketo on Instagram.


Above: Us with @asianketo and @ehfiralah

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