Fifty Shades Darker IS BETTER Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Couple of years ago, CheeseBoy and I traveled to Singapore to watch Fifty Shades of Grey and you can check our review of the movie here. And recently we decided to travel to Singapore again to catch the latest movie from the franchise  – Fifty Shades Darker.

To be honest, I can’t understand why it is called ‘Darker’, because I can’t find anything dark about the movie… hahah… But I found the movie funnier though compared to the first one 😀


Basically, Darker continued after Christian and Ana broke up in the first installment. Ana has moved to Seattle and is currently working in a publishing house as an assistant to Editor, Jack Hyde. One evening Ana attended an art show featuring her old friend Jose, and was surprised to discover Christian was there as well. (Christian is not a fan of Jose since he tried to woo Ana in the first film). Christian begged Ana to take him back, promising her that he will change for her sake. Ana accepted him back, fully aware that Christian is not fully ‘normal’ and they have to work things out. To add some suspense to the movie, Christian and Ana had to deal with Ana’s a$$hole boss, who eventually got fired after he tried to make some sick moves on Ana. Predictably, Ana discovered that jealous Christian bought over the publishing company that she worked with. (Tsk tsk tsk… so controlling la this guy) There is also Leila, Christian’s psychotic former ‘submissive’. Later in the movie, Christian was also involved in a helicopter accident (the crash scene was so fleeting and lame; wish they could have done it better. hahaha…)

fifty shades darker 005.png

Christian and Ana attended Charity Ball organised by Christian’s parents


Ana’s encounter with Leila. Oh, that dude is Jack Hyde.


Ana running into Christian after being attacked by Jack Hyde

Why did I say this movie is better? Here are some of my reasons:

Better script and storyline. This movie is livelier compared to the first one. At least you get to see the relationships grow between Ana and Christian rather than just kinky sex. The script is so funnier. But, what I loved the most, was the use of a line from the classic movie Working Girl (I love that movie!!) starring Dakota Johnson’s own mom, Melanie Griffith, as a tribute to her. After Jack got sacked, Ana was promoted to editor and she tells her assistant “I don’t expect you to fetch me coffee unless you’re getting some for yourself.” The same line was used by Griffith’s character, Tess McGill, when she finally got her own assistant! So awesome.

In this movie also, you’ll be introduced to new characters such as Jack Hyde (apparently he has issues with Christian and it is not just because of Ana. You’ll see more of him in the third movie), Elena Lincoln (Christian’s former lover and current business partner), Ros Bailey – second in command at Grey Enterprise Holdings and of course Leila, Christian’s former submissive. (It’s disturbing to watch how obedient she is!).


One of the stills from Working Girl movie, Harrison Ford is so dreamy! *drool*

Better Acting. Jamie Dornan is no Oscar contender (obviously!), but his acting has definitely improved. No more unnecessary frowning, thank God! I also like that he’s scruffy in this movie. It actually made him look handsomer. I’ve always liked Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steel. She’s not drop dead gorgeous,  but there’s something special about that girl. (just like how she was described in the book) Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln is great (but I got slightly distracted by her botox…haha) You also get to see more of Rita Ora in this movie (can someone please explain to me why she is so famous? Love her collection for Adidas though :P)

Unfortunately, I’m not too crazy about their OST. It’s OK,  but not as good as the first one. I really love the first film’s OST that I actually bought the whole album on iTunes. Sorry Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik!

Despite dozing off while watching the movie several times, CheeseBoy promised to take me to watch the final installment of the Fifty Shades movies next Valentine’s. The question now is which country should we go next to watch?

Oh well, if CheeseBoy promised to bring me for the next movie, my guess Fifty Shades Darker was not that bad after all.

*Pictures are courtesy of Google


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