Downy Unstopables

The rainy season is back, and I’m suffering now. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally grateful for the rain, but rainy season makes me suffer due to two reasons. One, my sinuses go out of control due to the extra humidity and two, I will have piles of dirty laundry as I can’t dry them normally out in the sun. (Those who are close to me would also know that I have an obsession of hand washing my clothes.)

Sometimes it takes me days to get my clothes really dry and by then, they smell funny. (Especially if you have to opt drying your clothes under the fan.) Yikes! I miss hot days and having crispy, crunchy clothes 😦

Thankfully over a year ago I discovered Downy Unstopables, yay!


Many have mistaken Downy Unstopables as fabric softener and totally replaced their usual softener with it. Downy Unstopables is actually a scent booster. Meaning you’ll still need your fabric softener in addition to the scent booster. But trust me even during the rainy season, your clothes will still smells good. Should you use the product correctly, your clothes will still smells good for a long time as the scent could last up to 14 weeks (provided that you don’t wear them! 😛 )


(Above: How they look like. Little pellets.)

So how to use it? Simple! Just throw Downy Unstoppables into your washing machine, put clothes and top and just add it your usual detergent and softener as usual.


I think for Malaysian market, they are only 2 scents available which are ’emerald breeze’ and ‘ruby floral’. I like emerald breeze, it smells like candy! (Gawd, I must be hungry now. It’s the rain I promise!)

Each 275g Downy Unstopables cost approximately RM21 (depending on where you bought it). Pricey, nonetheless it’s totally worth it for the current rainy season. To be honest, due to cost savings, I don’t really use it when its hot and sunny. Hey, this girl needs to save money somewhere! Hehe… Happy trying peeps!


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