Once upon a time (on 31 December 2015 to be exact), Belacan Girl and I had a late night McDonald’s meal with a former boss and mentor, JP. Whenever we lepak, our conversations tend to be colourful, ranging from politics to raising chickens to hybrid vehicles. We can talk about anything really.

Among our things discussed was social media, specifically my penchant for political ranting and sharp barbs to political issues and figures. JP noticed that my rants on Facebook got borderline dangerous, and  was worried I was being monitored. (I really don’t think so-lah. Who am I anyways? Small fish.) He advised to cool down on the social media, and Belacan Girl wholeheartedly supported this. (For years, she was constantly on my case nagging me to stop the supposedly ‘offensive’ FB statuses. Normal-lah, wife being over-protective of her husband)

So on that New Year’s Eve, I made the resolution to stop updating Facebook statuses effective 1st January 2016. Yup. Cold turkey. Albeit, there’s a catch though. I can post motivational posts and cat videos.

I’m happy to report that now 13 months after that night, I have managed to keep my resolution. *stickstongueouttobelacangirl* (She thought I couldn’t do it… pfft)

So what have I learnt from that?

By not putting up constant status updates, I have become less addicted to social media. I have diverted my energy to useful things. (Btw, I finally finished my 2nd book due to be out in the bookstores in a few weeks. Yay!) I’ve also read more books and managed to get more things done. To be honest, it has been quite a challenge. I’m very opinionated and I’m not afraid to express them (hehehe.. especially from behind a keyboard!) I found it very difficult to refrain from posting especially when there are some lame political statements from not-so-smart politicians just waiting to be bashed.

So now I’ve proven that I can actually keep a resolution, what’s my resolution for this year? Maybe, just maybe, my resolution is to lose weight and be healthier. (I’ve gone back to 80 kilos! And my BMI is only between 60-65!) This should be more challenging than shutting up on Facebook, but what’s life without challenges eh? Exercise? Yuck!

Time will tell. I’ll post again in 12 months. Hopefully back to 60 kilos!


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