Sofina 2.1

She did it again! In case you didn’t know, I have already 4 Sofinas under my collection! You can view them here.

It was just a few days ago, I and hubs were talking on how come Vivy did not choose any pastel colour for her Sofina’s collection and the next thing I know…taadaaaaaa! She posted this teaser picture on her Instagram.

Sofina pastel

Apparently they will be launching Sofina 2.1 very soon and there will be 6 new colours in total. One being the one above, the other 2 are black and purple. 

Sofina black

sofina purple

Out of 3 colours, I’m already liking 2. Wonder what will the other 3 colours will be. Lets wait and see peeps!

Oh, I really wanted that Cucito necklace too, but it keeps on selling out on Fashion Valet. 😦


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