One of the quirky things that both Belacan Girl and I share is that we both have a tiny amount of OCD. What’s OCD you may ask? It’s short for ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’, which is a type of personality/mental disorder. (No, we’re not crazy).

OCD Heinz

(If the above pic drives you nuts, you have OCD)

People with OCD tend to do certain things a specific way. Things needs to be arranged specifically, lines need to be neat, shirt needs to be ironed a certain way, food must be prepared according to some special way, etc. Chronic cases of OCD is quite bad; excessive attention to washing your hands repetitively, repeatedly checking on whether the hot iron was turned off even though you’ve switched it off 2 minutes ago, constantly thinking about things repeatedly. (If you’ve watched the film The Aviator, billionaire Howard Hughes was a chronic OCD)

Thankfully we’re not as bad as Howard Hughes but we do like things to be arranged neatly and we do things in our own eccentric way. As we’re doing our monthly spring cleaning today, we’ve noticed that even our clothes hangars are arranged according to type and colour. (See pic below)


(Above: Our ugly clothes hangars. Sorted to type and colours)

When Belacan Girl cooks, I dare not mess with her routine. If I interrupt her or do something that throws her off her schedule, she’ll become Belacan Monster. (Yes dear, the food still taste delicious. Sedap!) On the other hand, if she messes things that I’m in charge of like gadgets, I’ll freak out also. (I like my phone charger and cables to be tied and twisted in a particular way. And I only iron clothes according to quadrants) The Cheese Monster ain’t pretty to be around too.

I guess all of us has a certain amount of OCD. What’s yours?


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