Rindu Awak 200% – My Current Favourite Tune

I’ve always found the final minutes before Iftar the hardest time. We would normally be glued to the TV waiting for the Azan and this is normally the time when I get hooked to any TV series showing at that time slot. This year I got stuck watching Rindu Awak 200% (What a title right?). Anyways, I am more hooked to the song for opening montage compared to the series and apparently it is sang by none other but Dato CT. Bahhahaha…

Those who know me well will remember I can’t stand Dato CT (Sorry CT fans out there! I just find her a bit overexposed). But of all her songs, my favourite would be Biarlah Rahsia, because for the first time I felt she sang from the heart. (Prior to that,  I really can’t understand why she smiles singing sad love songs. It’s ok not to be pretty while singing). But for Biarlah Rahsia you can actually feel the emotion behind the singing. You can actually feel her pain.

I guess same goes to her new single, Jaga Dia Untukku (Btw, I’ve already bought the song from iTunes). Apparently the song was all about her anxiety after hearing the news about her husband’s accident in New Zealand, and how she rushed to be next to him soonest possible while praying to Al-Mighty to protect her loved one while she is not by his side.

Anyway found an acoustic version of this song, and I think rendition is superb. (Btw, lesson learnt: don’t like or hate someone to the extreme. You will never know what will happen next. 😀 )




Note: Image is from google.


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