FLOW: Holiday 2014 Collection Launch

Couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from FLOW inviting me to attend the launch of their 2014 Holiday Collection. After some lengthy deliberation (for about 0.4 seconds 😉 )  I said YES to them. If you’ve read our blog earlier, you will definitely know that I’m a big fan of Flow. Apparently the event was collaboration between Flow and Malaysia Women’s Weekly.

Flow and Women's Weekly 2

During the event, we were given styling tips by Women’s Weekly Fashion Editor, Sabrina Salehudin, and Make-Up Tips by Shu Uemura. Honestly I wasn’t paying much attention to the make up tips cause I was already busy shopping (Have I mentioned everything was at 30% off?!!). I was also too busy shopping that I didn’t even realize that people had already started gathering and waiting for the lucky draw announcement. Generally, I don’t pay much attention to lucky draws  (I’ve hardly win anything) but I guess my luck changed this time. Hehehe…I won the lucky draw! Yay!

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 001

Yay me!

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 008

The prize? I got to pick any apparel of my choice from Flow Boutique! Besides, the lucky draw I also received goodies bag comprises of miscellaneous cash voucher among other includes Coffee Bean and Haagen Dasz vouchers!

And this is what I picked from my lucky draw winnings 😀

Flow Sleeveless Geo Sequinned Dress

Hahaha…my mom and sister totally loved this dress and they insisted that I pick it up. Not too sure how to wear it in the beginning (it’s a short and sleeveless dress by the way) but thanks to Sabrina’s tip I hope I will be able to pull this off.

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 004

That’s Sabrina by the way (she’s super sweet), and  yes I bought that grey skirt and the jacket (my jacket is black though) in the background.

Besides good company and good clothes we were also served with some good food!

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 006

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 005

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 003

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 002

Flow Holiday 2014 Launch 007

And I simply love the canapes by TWG.

Well done Flow Clothing and Women’s Weekly on the successful event!

Note: Pictures are from Flow Facebook page.


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