Recipe: Anchovies with Soy Sauce

Couple of weeks ago CheeseBoy was down with high fever. After much persuasion, I finally managed to drag him to the clinic. After an awesome home cook meal by yours truly and not so awesome medication, I tugged CheeseBoy to bed and started doing house chores alone.

While waiting for CheeseBoy to wake up I went through my Chef Wan cook book and found this recipe – Anchovies with Soy Sauce. I thought of giving it a shot especially since it’s so easy to prepare (Not very keen to cook a fancy meal after all the tiring house chores).

The Ingredients

Cooking oil, 2 Tbsp

Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) – 300gm

Garlic 3, peeled and sliced

Red Chili 1, seeded and sliced

Green Chili 1, seeded and sliced

Onion 1, peeled and sliced

Dark Soy Sauce 4 Tbsp

Kalamansi Lime 1, juice extracted

Sugar 1 tsp

 How to Cook?

Heat oil in a wok and  fry anchovies until golden brown

Add garlic, chilies, onion, soy sauce and lime juice and  stir-fry until well mixed

Finally, add in the sugar and mix well. Serve immediately

Anchovies with Soy Sauce 002

The verdict? We love it! Happy trying!

Note: Recipe is from The Best of Chef Wan – A Taste of Malaysia. Go get it!


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