I hope everyone had a good Raya. Our Raya was just a modest one (not really in celebrating mood), plus I was down with fever on second and third day of Raya. I was scheduled to start working earlier, but decided to extend my leave by another in order to allow my body to recover.

Anyway, in order to answer the questions “Where do I buy/tempah my baju raya?” the answer is this year it is custom made by Syomir Izwa. I’ve been eyeing his work since last raya, but as usual since it’s RTW I can’t find anything in my size. So this year when I saw them having early bird promo for custom made I quickly made my reservation. And this was back in February!

There was about 10 designs that I got to choose from and get to mix and match the colours and design. CheeseBoy actually helped me to pick this design, but the colour I decided on my own. Why Blue? Why not? Its my favourite colour anyway 😛 

Raya OOTD 001

CheeseBoy and I never really worn too matching-matching outfits. We either wear  same shades but in different tones or we will just complimentary colour. He wore grey by the way.  So whatever colour I pick will never be an issue for him. He has quite a number of  baju melayu in his collection. Hehehehe…Yup from someone who wore the same black baju melayu for years before his marriage to someone who has baju melayu in almost every shades (But I think he needs to start making new ones next year)

Raya OOTD 003

How much have I spent? I actually paid RM1.5k for it. (CheeseBoy is rolling his eye. Hmph.) But I find it pretty reasonable as it is inclusive of materials. To be honest, I’m kind of tired of buying my own material and later sending them to the tailor and it didn’t turn out as expected. Some tailor would blame your material if anything goes wrong with the final product; some would say the material you bought is not sufficient for the particular design you desired. (I had all sorts of bad experience.) To be frank, I would just buy any ready to wear since you get what you see but nothing in my size 😦  Plus the cutting, workmanship and finishing is pretty good. Syomir himself is a friendly dude and he listens to his customers. Verdict: I am a definitely going to be a return customer!

Raya OOTD 004

Raya OOTD 002

Oh before I forgot, I’m also very much in love with my shawl. Again its from Ariani. The best portion of all for this shawl it can be hand washed. Yippee! Yup, I have a penchant for Ariani stuffs. Their designs evolve according to trend and the quality is always on the better end. Yes, the price is slightly steep, but during sales time their items are really worth to buy.


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