Film Review: Interstellar

There are movies that you can watch just once like Life is Beautiful (starring that whasisname Italian guy Roberto something something) and Last King of Scotland (Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy). Not because these movies are bad. But they are so good that they mess you up mentally and emotionally and you can bear to watch it just once.

Interstellar is one of those movies.

When Christopher Nolan is the director, and his brother Jonathan as writer, you can expect a film that bends your mind and expands your way of thinking. (Inception showed dreams within dreams within dreams. How cool was that?) Interstellar is not your typical fan-boy science fiction film, but an excellent drama set in space starring Matthew McConaughey (as Cooper), Anne Hathaway (as Dr Brand), Michael Caine (as Dr Brand Sr), Matt Damon (yup, you heard right… as Dr Mann), John Lithgow, Casey Affleck, and Jessica Chastain (as Murph).

I’ll try to sum up the movie in a few points (spoiler alert):

  • Earth has little food left. Humankind gonna starve.
  • Enter Cooper, a brilliant pilot and engineer, and his two children, Tom and Murph.
  • Murph thinks there are ‘ghosts’ in her room and communicating with her via morse code
  • Cooper solves the code, which leads him and Murph to a secret NASA facility.
  • Surprisingly, NASA reveals to him their discovery of a wormhole near Saturn, and the previous missions sending a few explorers into the wormhole to find other planets to colonize (since the Earth is dying somewhat). They recruit Cooper as their new pilot for their next mission.
  • Cooper flies off to the wormhole, with Dr Brand and bunch of other forgettable characters.
  • A bit of sparks flying between Cooper and Dr Brand.
  • They went through the wormhole, and went searching for the previous explorers on a few planets.
  • Of all the explorers, they found an alien called Matt Damon. (Okay, not really alien.)
  • Matt Damon (Dr Mann) went psycho and tries to hijack their spaceship in order to get back to Earth.
  • Matt Damon dies. Their spaceship is damaged too.
  • Cooper can’t get back to Earth, but ensures Dr Brand survives so she can go check out if her ex-boyfriend is still alive on another planet.
  • Cooper sacrifices himself and gets pulled into a black hole.
  • Really cool black hole sequence. Some mind bending stuff here. You learn to think in 5-dimensional, instead of 3.
  • In the black hole dimension, Cooper realizes that he’s the one who communicated with Murph. He’s the ‘ghost’.
  • Cooper somehow gets rescued. (Don’t ask how)
  • He reunites with his daughter Murph again. Only to find that he hasn’t aged much, while his daughter is now an old grandma.
  • Murph tells Cooper to find his true love Dr Brand, who’s probably still alive.
  • The End.

The film is 2 hours and 49 minutes long. Geeks (like myself) would love it. I can imagine the entire characters of Big Bang Theory watching this, over and over again. and debating endlessly on the physics, quantum mechanics, singularities, 5th dimensional beings, space-time continuum, gravitation communications, and a bunch of other astro-physics stuff.

Surprisingly, Belacan Girl did not fall asleep. (She’s turning into a geek like me. Hehe.) There was enough action, and super-world-class acting to keep the audience awake throughout the 2 hours and 49 minutes. Nolan’s visuals of space alone would make your jaw drop. Space is so beautiful. The storyline is also well written and gripping. If you learn anything from the movie, you’d learn that time is relative. You don’t feel like it’s a long movie.

Chris Nolan managed to impress, yet again. Go watch Interstellar. But watch just once.




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