My Favourite Things


I’m not really a beauty conscious person, but there are several items that I categorized as “Must Have”. And here they are:

1) Chanel No. 5 Perfume


In 18 years of me being together (8 years of courtship and 10 years of marriage) with CheeseBoy, there were only 2 events where he actually bought me perfume as a gift. First being Estee Lauder’s Intense Pleasure many, many years ago which I ended up asking him “What have you done wrong?”. (CheeseBoy: Hmph. Typical women. Always suspicious.) And secondly, several years ago despite being broke he surprised me with Chanel No. 5. I find it cute imagining him testing those fragrances all by himself, especially knowing how much he despise perfumes. (CheeseBoy: Hey, I’m allergic! They hurt my nose.) To this date Chanel No.5 remains as our favourite fragrance. By the way, did I tell you that I’m allergic to perfume? Yup, I tend to sneeze after I apply perfume and this is one of the few that makes me sneeze lesser.

2) Chanel No. 5 Hair Mist


I’ve read somewhere that the porous nature of hair allows it to hold scent longer than skin, which makes it a better place to apply fragrance. The hair mist also helps to protects your hair from drying and leaves it feeling soft and looking healthy . I actually like to apply it at night. So, just like Marilyn Monroe I can actually say I wear Chanel No. 5 to bed :P. This hair mist also becomes extremely handy during water rationing times.

3) Evian Facial Spray


Of all my favourite things, CheeseBoy find this most annoying. Bahaha…he would normally say “Can’t you just freshen yourself with pipe water?” – very judgmental of him 😛 In my defense it soothes my skin and keeps it hydrated. It is great for refreshing, re-hydrating and even helps to relax your face particularly if you have dry skin like mine. If the weather is hot, my face will starts become itchy and this facial spray is my life saver! The Evian facial spray also helps to fix patch make-up. Very useful if you happen to be outdoors a lot and of course, it is another handy item during water rationing. 

4) Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

bobbi brown lip gloss

I’ve been using this lip gloss for about 15 years now and I still love it. I’ve always preferred lip gloss compared to lipsticks because I’m really bad at applying lipsticks…bahaha 😀 I will occasionally switch to other brands but will always come back to Bobbi Brown simply because its the best!!!

So above are my favourite items, what are yours?


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