A Wiser Me?

When my friends and younger siblings complained about the pain they suffered from their wisdom teeth, I can’t help myself but wondering why I haven’t got mine yet? Is this the reason of my lack of wisdom? 😛

Every time when I went for my dentist appointment, I will eagerly ask my dentist “Is my wisdom tooth out yet?” and I tend to be  disappointed whenever she said no.

Yeap, what the hell was I thinking?? Finally at the age of 35/36 I  discovered from an x-ray that my wisdom tooth are actually there but it is right under my gum and it started to give me trouble. I  dreaded myself  for more than a year from having mine removed. (Thanks but no thanks to all the horror tales given by families and friends…sigh)

After much deliberation (and excruciating pain of course) I eventually decided to remove one of my wisdom tooth. Here is the video of the procedure.

There was minimum pain throughout the procedure (phew!) but the aftermath is a whole  different story. But at least I could reward myself with this! 😀

vanilla ice cream

Based on the x-ray, it seemed like my top left wisdom tooth would give me much trouble, but it was actually the right one that gave me sleepless nights. I’m so glad that I went with the removal procedure (Feeling wiser already :)) So 1 down, 3 more to go. But definitely it’s not going to be anytime soon…

my gigi xray

(This x-ray picture is in reverse. Left is right, right is left)


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