Selendang Aleesya

Ever since I started donning headscarf approximately 4 years ago, I’ve been sticking to the same style (You know the slip-on type that comes with awning). I love them cause it so simple and practical. Nonetheless, I’ve always admired the girls/ladies who actually know how to wear shawls and looked perfectly flawless in them. Out of jealousy (ish, ish, ish) I decided to give shawl a try. I bought a few pieces from various brands and begin experimenting with them at home. I tried twisting here and there but in the end I’ve only managed to twist my own hands (thank God it was not my head), so I decided to give shawl a rest. I give up! Shawl is just not my thing.

Oh well, this is of course until I discovered Selendang Aleesya from Ariani. Sometimes I really wonder why didn’t they came out with this shawl sooner? Check out this video and you will understand what I mean! Its so, so, so easy to wear. Trust me, if someone as clueless as me could put the shawl on, you can do it 1000 times better than me.

The colours from Selendang Aleesya’s collection are vibrantly beautiful .  On top of that, I also love the length of the shawl, where it actually cover your chest. You can also mix and match the shawl and the inner in order to create different look for different outfit. This is precisely why Selendang Aleesya is my current obsession!

noza wearing aleesya


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