Universal Studios Singapore

As mentioned in my earlier post, I celebrated my birthday like a couple of weeks a ago and as my birthday gift hubs treated me a trip to Singapore (shopping not included though :P). The highlight of the trip was of course a visit to Universal Studios Singapore. Yay!

We bought our tickets online and had it collected on the day of the visit. (If you’re smart, you can get free meal vouchers from certain sites!) We also finally decided to take up the Universal Express at $50 each on top of the price of tickets that we have paid. Ouch to the pocket, but it was totally worth it as we manage to skip the long, long, long, long lines for all the rides and shows. (We could feel the laser-like stares of people stuck in normal queue watching us going through the special designated express lanes. *evil laugh*) There was another option to pay for $70 each for Unlimited Express, meaning that you can ride as much as you want. (You get a cool wristband!) Normal Express passes only allows you to use the express lanes only once per ride, but that was sufficient for us. Some of the scary rides were meant to be ridden only once! Also, yes it rained, but we had a blast anyways!

The sucky thing of travelling just the two of us is we could hardly have a picture together. Two-person selfies are hard to do! Here are some of the pictures from trip.


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThank you for the wonderful trip my monkey. For that, I hereby bestow you with the “Best Husband” award 😉



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