Dislocated Shoulder

Hello again to all our readers! (if any :P) I hope you all of you are enjoying your Ramadan as much as we do.

However, this Ramadan is slightly different for us, a challenging one in fact. On the 3rd day of Ramadan CheeseBoy slipped and fell, and had his shoulder dislocated. The emergency doctors at the hospital had to put CheeseBoy to sleep in order to fix his shoulder. Poor him.

Dislocated Shoulder 1

The X-Ray before the fixing (Seriously peeps I am certainly clueless looking at this)Dislocated Shoulder 2

Someone was certainly high on drugs. (Ketamine gave him such a trip, out of body experience he said.) 

The past 1 and a half week has been so tiring for me. I have to do the house chores by myself. I normally get a lot of help from CheeseBoy (He has always been amazing!) . And the worst part of all, I have to drive myself. I hate driving around KL! Last Friday it took me 1 and a half hours to reach home. This is exactly why I prefer the LRT ride.

Having gone through all these troubles, it made me realize I have taken CheeseBoy for granted way too long. We used to carpool and he would normally be stuck for hours in traffic just to reach my office. In case, I forgot to thank you for all the carpooling days and driving me around, thank you Sayang!


PS: In case you’re wondering about CheeseBoy. He is recovering well. Slow and surely. Alhamdullilah.  This was his first week back in the office. And since it is his right hand that is injured, he is learning to do more things with his left hand. He even now insisted that he’s a lefty like Rafael Nadal… ppfft… *___*


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