Game of Thrones Marathon

This is exactly how CheeseBoy and I enjoy our free time now: eating home cooked meals while binge watching Games of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

Honestly, I have never been keen to watch GOT because all the violent scenes that I heard people talking. I dislike violent movies/dramas, so yeah when CheeseBoy suggested us to watch it a few years ago, I immediately said NO!

But there was too much buzz for season 7 of GOT (even the Duchess of York was asking for spoilers from the cast). Everything that I opened on the internet has GOT written all over them. So approximately 3-4 weeks ago, I reluctantly suggested to CheeseBoy, “Let’s start watching GOT!”

True enough, there was so much violence in the series; so many people lost their heads, it was really, really gruesome peeps. There are so many twisted and disturbing characters like King Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton. They are extremely sadistic that it’s beyond words. We actually clapped our hands and cheered when Joffrey died. (Yay!)

As of me writing this, we are in Season 5 episode 6. The current episode on TV is Season 7 episode 6. Thankfully each season comprise of only 10 episodes. Still, we need to watch another 20 episodes before we can catch up with the latest episode next week. Doubt that we can do that. Normally we can watch maximum 3 episodes per night, because we find the drama so heavy. The political games between the characters make us really exhausted. Hahaha!

Anyway, in case you are wondering, I’m rooting for Daenerys Targaryen to win the Iron Throne.  She’s the Mother of Dragons! Awesome eh? Go girl power!

A Web of Thrones

Look at this family tree. There are so many characters to remember! 


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