Introducing Becky!

OMG! Apparently I have not been writing at all for the past 7 months! Seriously, I miss blogging so, so much! A lot has happened actually. Where do I start?

Back in April and May I was so busy with 2 weddings of very dear people to me. One is my best friend and another one being my sister in law. Actually both weddings had kept me occupied since early of the year. Sharing some pictures from the weddings below:



I love both Elly dresses by MimpiKita…so dreamy!

img_6254 Above : Family photo during my sister-in-laws’ wedding event

Then, I also switched jobs and I also discovered my trusted Toshiba laptop went kaput! Sorry peeps, I don’t believe in using company’s property for personal usage. So blogging from the company laptop is a no-no. Took me a very long time do decide on what new computer to buy. After months of contemplating, we (CheeseBoy and I) decided on MacBook Pro few weeks back. Yay! Unfortunately, a week later Apple announced the launch of their new MacBook line-up! Argh! But it’s ok, we love you still Becky!

Hehe… Have I told you I’ve named my new MacBook ‘Becky’, after the Rebecca Bloomwood character from Confession of a Shopaholic? She’s flashy and slightly more than my budget. I just closed my eyes and swiped my card! (No handbag for me now…I’ll cry more after this :P) So people, meet Becky!


Becky seriously makes a good photo prop. Should have gotten it sooner!

I hope now with the existing Becky I am inspired to write more, but I must first familiarise myself with the macOS. (The keyboard shortcuts are not the same! How do I right click on the touchpad? The laptop doesn’t heat up, is something wrong?)

Ok peeps, I know I’m not writing anything serious here. This post is purely some light writing that I hope that could give me back my writing groove.

Hopefully, its not going to be too long till my next post.



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