Clingy Couple

Belacan Girl rarely goes outstation for work. This week she left for Bangkok for 4 days, leaving me alone in KL. (krik krik krik) Other husbands would be celebrating their limited-time freedom from their wives, but I think I’m an exception.

Why? Because we’re a clingy couple. Like seriously.

Most of the free time we have we spend by doing things together. Laundry, cooking, gym, chilling, movies, shopping, eating, you name it. Chances are you’ll find us together most of the time. So when either of us travel for work and leave the other alone at home, it feels like something is missing. It’s kind of a problem because it becomes a distraction when the other is outstation. In my case, when I travel, I normally worry about her safety; has she eaten, did she leave the door unlocked, did she feed the cat, is she having a fever, is she wasting electricity by not turning off the lights, did she accidentally leave the iron on, is that pesky lizard bothering her again, etc. Nowadays, I try to make day trips so that she won’t be alone at nights but it can be tiring.

Here’s a photo of me stalking checking up on Belacan Girl. Okay, good. She’s at the airport on the way home.

Belacan Girl in Bangkok

Gotta go! Need to clean up the house a bit. I think I made a huge mess while she’s gone. Cheers!



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