The New Wall

Hello again everyone. Hope all of you are doing great. As for me, the past one month had been really hectic . I spent my weekends either travelling or doing spring cleaning! And in between that, I have to struggle with my rhinitis (the acid reflux almost gone though, Alhamdulillah). It was really a major spring cleaning that we even have to call for a 3-tonne lorry to throw our junks. And guess what? We will be calling the lorry for another round this weekend. Crazy right? We really became horders the past 5 years…sigh

Spring Cleaning

This time around, CheeseBoy and I decided to be less emotional on our old belongings and agreed it is time to move on. The house need to be  functional again and need to create more spaces for future needs.

We even decided to repaint the living room, the wall below used to be blue peeps. I am sure glad that it is no longer blue. What was I thinking?!

The New Wall 001

(The new wall colour is actually ‘lily white’. Somehow on-screen it looks rather pinkish.)

The painting work was done last weekend. CheeseBoy was afraid the wall scraping and painting job will make my rhinitis and asthma worse, so he suggested for me to join my family trip to JB.

I am definitely happy that I have a new wall now. But CheeseBoy have been moving the stuffs at home that I am feeling slightly disoriented. (Furniture are not where they used to be!) Currently my conversations with CheeseBoy revolve around how we can further improve the house. I even made trips to H&M Home twice a week for the past 1 month and CheeseBoy said it’s worrying… hehehe…  (I guess now I have to cut down my expenses on other stuffs *cries*)  But, I hope all the hard work and sacrifice is going to be worth it!



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