And the Winner is …

Wow! Wow! Wow! We really did not expect to win the Fashion Valet & The Luxe Nomad Getaway contest! (We never did have much luck winning contests) I guess persistence really pays off, and maybe lady luck smiled on us this time. 🙂


Our acceptance speech:

“We would like to thank Allah the Almighty for all Good Things come from Him. We would like to thank our parents for having and raising us. We’re just honoured to be in the same league with the other nominees, and their work just keeps us motivated to do our best work. We’d especially like to thank the Academy and honourable members kind hearted, generous and yet gorgeous judges at Fashion Valet & The Luxe Nomad for picking our humble post as one of the winners. To all those watching who always think the impossible dream, yes everything is possible if you put your mind and effort to it. Good night, everyone.”



Seriously. Thanks so much to the wonderful people at Fashion Valet and The Luxe Nomad. God bless you.


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