Ms. Read Focus Group

Several weeks ago, I had attended Focus Group organized by Ms. Read. The event was conducted at Ben’s Bangsar Village and there were about 10 of us in that session. It was a really good experience, sitting down with ladies that had similar problems when it came to buying clothes (We totally understood each others’ frustrations). I had also learnt a thing or two also from these ladies on what type of outfit that hides our bumps and what are the options to make us look slimmer 😛

We first discussed our shopping habits. You know the usual stuffs like where, when and how often you shop. Then we were showed arrays of clothes and were asked to give our comments and preferences. The last portion of the focus group session we discussed on Ms Read’s marketing campaigns, such as our preferences of colours, fonts and models used in their advertising and promotions.

I was so glad that I was part of this focus group. Hope there’ll be more of this sort of events in the future.

Too bad, that I couldn’t stay longer after the event, as it was Hari Raya Haji eve and I had to rush home.

Ms. Read 003

Group photo. Picture was definitely stolen borrowed from Ms. Read Instagram’s page 😛

As token of appreciation, we were presented with these goodies from Ms.Read which also included RM100 Ms. Read Cash Voucher. Yay!

Ms Read 004

Anyway, below is what I got using the vouchers given. 😀 I love how the material is thick and heavy but cooling at the same time.

Ms Read 002

Credit: Images are from Ms. Read Facebook and Instagram.


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