Older Us

Well as many of you know CheeseBoy and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a few weeks ago. Like previous years, we took leave on our anniversary and spent quality time together. (Yes, we don’t work on our birthdays and anniversaries.) However, things were slightly different this year. Instead of having a full schedule like we usually do, this year we took things a bit easy. We really don’t feel like rushing to one place to another.

We started the celebration with supper at Pelita SS2 (another tradition of ours). The next morning we started the day by going for brisk walking at Kiara Park followed by late lunch at The Daily Grind and dinner at Thirty8.

Supper at Pelita

How to kurus like this?

Older Us 001

The closest I can get to the greens

Older Us 002

Older Us 004

Anniversary gift from me to me. It’s PINK !!! Totally love at first sight.

Older Us 017

The fascination with PINK continues…Wearing Selendang Aleesya from Galeri Ariani, cardigan from Ms. Read, jeans from Dorothy Perkins.

Older Us 006Older Us 005

Thank god for the waffle and jalapeño poppers. The burgers were disappointing.

Older Us 007

Someone was happy with his gifts. Yay!

Older Us 008

CheeseBoy with another gift I got him. Peculiar request.

Older Us 009

Love the ambience at Thirty8

Older Us 16

Since we can’t decide which to order we decided to order them all!

Older Us 010

Because I don’t feel like having western meal. This black pepper fried udon is not bad at all!

Older Us 013

Now I know the source of cili api potong that I requested 😛

Older Us 019Older Us 14

We ordered the two most popular desserts served. Left is the THIRTY 8 Signature Cake, whilst right is Straight from the Oven chocolate cake, with rasperry sherbet and vanilla anglaise sauce.

Older Us 015

CheeseBoy said this is so good, but I don’t quite like it. Like mine wayyyy better!

Older Us 011

We really need to master the art of selfie!

Older Us 012

#OOTN. Top from Ms. Read and printed pants from Flow. Wish I was wearing different shoes though.


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