Belacan Girl’s Favourite Desserts

Every year before Ramadhan approaches CheeseBoy and I will have a list of things to eat. (Hahaha.. it is as if we can’t eat at all during Ramadhan!) Anyways, below are the list of my favourite desserts which I hope to have again soonest! 🙂

1) Lai Po Heen’s Durian Pancake

Durian Pancake is Lai Po Heen’s signature dessert. We were introduced to this by our Aunt years ago (still blaming her for this as no other durian pancake/crepe can compete with this one!).  Made out of fresh durian, it is mixed with whipped cream and wrapped in a super thin crepe.Initially I really thought they used durian to wrap it, silly me! hahaha. Trust me that this is so good that even a non-durian lover will also find this irresistible!

Durian pancake

 It comes in a set of 3, each set cost RM38.

Durian pancake 2

Check out what’s on the inside! 

2) Rakuzen’s Strawberry Ice

I actually love my desserts to be a little bit sourish. As I grew older also I tend to prefer sorbet flavoured ice-cream. And this is exactly why my second favourite dessert happened to be Strawberry Ice! Frozen strawberry and whip cream is such a good combo!

strawberry ice

Price RM8

 3) THIRTY8 Signature Cake

Had it for the first time during our anniversary dinner. It is layered soft chocolate cake, ice cream and fresh raspberries covered by a glass with fog coming from dried ice. Such a fancy presentation. A for effort, A++ for the taste. Will definitely go there again just to have this!

THIRTY8 Signature Cake

THIRTTY8 Signature Dessert

Price RM25

4) Rakuzen’s Itachoo Monaka

Another favourite of mine from Rakuzen. Vanilla wafer ice cream with thick chocolate Chocolate waffle ice cream. The wafer is crispy and I just love the thick chocolate in between.

Itachoo Monaka

Price RM8

5) Sri Ayutthaya Red Rubbies – Water Chestnut

This is perfect dessert for the current hot weather. The water chestnut helps to reduce body heat. Sorry I cant remember the price though 😛

red rubbies

6) The Daily Grind’s Old Fashioned Waffles

I love the texture of the waffles, the fresh cream and strawberries, ice cream and maple syrup. So good that Cheeseboy (who doesn’t have a sweet tooth) can wallop the whole thing in an instant.

Old Fashioned Waffles

Price RM18

7) ABC’s Sizzling Brownie

Acme Bar & Coffee has arrays of wonderful desserts. I’m lucky that I got to taste most of them thanks to countless farewell and birthday lunches there. But my favourite has got to be Sizzling Brownies with Oreo Ice Cream. I think the idea alone is brilliant! The taste? Sizzling hawt!!

ABC Sizzling brownies

Price RM19

8) Kampachi’s Dorayaki 

Kampachi’s Dorayaki or red bean pancake only costs RM3 per piece. You can either order it and dine it or have it to go. I love the fluffiness of the pancakes and the red beans filling is not too sweet either.

Dorayaki 1

Dorayaki 2

 And of course, I have to blame Doraemon for this liking of mine.

Dorayaki 3

 Well, all above are my favourite desserts so far! Any recommendations for good desserts around Klang Valley?


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