Pink Cravings

CheeseBoy is super busy these days, he is even doing office work on Friday night 😦 So here I am looking blankly at my computer screen thinking about my current peculiar obsession. I am currently craving for PINK stuff which is really odd because, those who know me knows that my favourite colour is BLUE! This is proven when our wedding reception on my side, the theme colour was blue, but white with a dash of pink for groom side. Its like errk?? It’s so terbalik right?!

Sure, I like my stationeries to be in pink so I can actually spot them should anyone “kidnap” them, but when it comes to clothing I hardly choose pink. My office “uniform” would normally consist of blue or black plain top with black pants. The only colourful thing would be my hijab 😛

But recently people surround me been raising eyebrows for my change in taste. The other day I went shopping with my colleagues and decided to try on soft pink top and pants remarks that I received was “Pink? But why? Don’t you usually wear black or blue only?” Sheesh, not helping la these people. Even the ladies at Ariani also asked me “Kenapa asyik pink aje?” Bahahaha… I really don’t have the answer. I guess because it’s spring season?

Check out this Fendi cashmere sweater, the pink stripe makes it so yummy!


(image from

Anyways, I need new running shoes. Perhaps its going to be pink as well? Lets see what choices do I have 😛


Adidas, or


Nike, or




Ok, I’m kidding on this one! 

On a serious note, any idea where I can still find this super sweet pastel New Balance 574 shoes?


new-balance -574-pastel-2

Gorgeous right?

Note: Images are from Google.


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