New Public Holiday

Being a multi-racial country, we are definitely blessed with so many public holidays.  I believe we are one of the countries in the world with most public holiday.

Recently during one of my get-togethers, a friend highlighted that 15th July will be declared as Federal Territories public holiday. Unable to relate any festivity or event I immediately asked her what was the occasion, and she answered me it’s Nuzul Quran. My remark was like “Eh, Tot it’s meant for Selangor and several other states only?” Then she said “Nope, the Federal Government has agreed to declare Nuzul Al-Quran as a public holiday for Federal Territories (Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Putrajaya) starting 2014 .(Okay, I know that I’m a bit SLOW!)

Woohoo! Another public holiday is always good right? But of course, you’ll hate it if you are a business owner (I remember hating it so much!) more public holidays causes lesser productivity. Working in KL, I’m always jealous of CheeseBoy who works in Selangor. Not just he has more annual leaves, he also has more public holidays than me! Plus, traffic in KL is ultra-madness during Nuzul Quran holidays. I guess this year it’s our time to crash Selangor. (Evil laugh)

Public Holiday - Woohoo

Jokes aside, I’m really thankful for the holiday. My plan for that day is not to stay out and shop, but more of staying home and do spring cleaning. My house is a total mess now!

PS: Any recommendation for part time maid? Or should I go to Ariani’s sale…hhhmmm


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