Duck Scarves

I’ve once swore that I will never purchase head scarves online ever again, as the purchases I’ve made before have been disappointing so far.

 But I will make Duck Scarves an exception.

I must say I was intrigued by the packaging of Duck Scarves when they first introduced it. (So pretty!) However, spending a huge RM120 on plain scarves without having to look at the real colour and texture is too risky given my past experience. So I ended up not buying it.

Until couple of weeks ago I spotted Duck Scarves having a booth at Bangsar Village and I decided to drop by for a look. I checked on the colours, the textures and the sizes and was happy with them. But still I did not purchase it there and then. (Hehehe…I am rather picky nowadays)

Nonetheless, after reaching home I can’t stop thinking about it and taadaaa….I ended up buying not one but TWO, yes TWO Duck Scarves! (Please don’t tell CheeseBoy about this :D)

Duck Scarves 2

 Love the packaging sampai I was so sayang to open it!

Duck Scarves 3

I find their KL skyline print scarf very clever. Since I work in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, I think the scarf is a must have item! The satin fabric used is also very fine. I’m guessing the same fabric will be used for their upcoming plain satin collection.

I also find the crepe material equally good. The heavy texture helps to makes the scarf flow better (This exactly why I prefer crepe over satin for my baju kurung lining).

So what’s the verdict? Highly recommended!


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