Poem for Belacan Girl

It’s that time of the year.
When we make sweet diabetic wishes.
Profess our love to one another.
And later go out for something delicious

Every year gets better and better.
We crashed and we burned, but we got up.
We were beaten silly, but we fought back.
One year closer, One year better.

Can’t believe it has been 10 years,
Time really flies when we’re together.
I made some incredible promises,
I am so sorry I could not deliver.

Thank you for sticking with me,
Thank you for being my friend.
I know there’s simply no one else,
Who I want to be with till the end.

You make me perfect, you make me complete.
You’re my missing piece, in my unfinished puzzle.
After all these years, I remember the day we meet.
May we have many more anniversaries,
I love you, my guardian angel.


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