Joyeux 10ème anniversaire

It seems it was only yesterday that I feel anxiously nervous waiting for my groom to arrive. 10 years have passed ever since and it has been the best 10 years of my life (so far!)

CheeseBoy on Wedding Day 2

(CheeseBoy on our wedding day!)

Marriage is definitely not a typical fairy tale where you live happily ever after every single day of your lives, as it comes with a TWIST! Marriage comes with commitment and issues (not that I’m trying to scare single people out there. I love being married!) We have certainly gone through ups and downs together, at times we feel like there was no way out. But alhamdullilah as time goes by, we have become better and stronger couple.

BelacanGirl Wedding Shoes 2

(I’ve always wanted to be Cinderella :P)

Thank you Sayang,

For loving me
For your loyalty
For being my best friend
For allowing me to be myself
For laughing at my lousy jokes
For believing in me when others don’t
For standing by me whenever I feel the whole world is against me
For wiping my tears and tells me that everything is going to be alright
And most importantly for not giving up on me

 Happy Anniversary Sayang, you are my pillar of strength, I love you so much and hopefully our love will last to Jannah. Amin.

BGCB Wedding

(Thank you Ikram Ismail for capturing the moments…)


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