Kampung Ku

What does ‘kampung’ mean to you?

I have a problem when it comes to kampung. People normally regard kampung as the place where they were born and where they grew up. Other people regard their kampung as to where their parents are currently living (or have lived). I was born in Melbourne and I grew up in KL (Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Kampung Tunku, PJ respectively) and therefore, I have a kampung crisis.

So which is my kampung?

kampung(Above Pic: My maternal ancestral home in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan)

I can’t call my late grandparents’ place in Seremban as my true kampung. My mom grew up there. I only go there during Hari Raya, and I definitely did not grow up there. (Sure there were pleasant memories when I was little when I stayed there during school holidays.) Neither can I call my late father’s kampung in Kuala Pilah as my kampung. Never stayed there either.

I now regard my mom’s 70s-looking house in Kampung Tunku as my true kampung. I grew up there, and grew up with my siblings there as well. If I have children insyaAllah, I would like my children to play there and keep their grandmother company. It has a large compound where they can play where their dad used to play as well. Coincidentally, Kampung Tunku is just 10 minutes away from my wife’s ‘kampung’ in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I’m blessed that both sides of my family is so nearby.

I have decided where my kampung is. It is where my heart is. It is here.


4 thoughts on “Kampung Ku

  1. I was born in Negeri Sembilan (stated in my birth certificate) but I grew up in KL (Kg Bharu, Kg Dato Kramat, Tan Yew Lai Garden in Puchong area. Had my primary and secondary education at St Mary’s School at Parry Road (now is Jalan P.Ramlee).Then my parents moved to Seremban.Continued my Form Six at King George V. Then back to KL again to pursue my first degree, worked and live in KL. So which is my’kampung’? KL or Seremban?

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