The Amazing Spiderman 2 Movie Review

Growing up I was never the girlie type of girl. What do you expect? I have 3 brothers!  So I have no issues whenever CheeseBoy drag me to watch Boy-type movies. (Okay I lied; I was so miserable watching Django Unchained with CheeseBoy and my brothers. Can’t beat them, join them!) And, it was me who reminded CheeseBoy to buy tickets for Amazing Spiderman 2.

Here is my review on The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Oh well, at least from a girl point of view):

I actually like this movie compared to the first one. (Hey, this one is without giant lizard of course I like it better!) In this instalment, our Spiderman aka Peter Parker continues his relationship with Gwen Stacy despite her father‘s dying wish for him to stop seeing her for safety. But Peter still feels guilty about it; he even see glimpses of Gwen’s father from time to time. Tired of Peter’s wishy washy attitude towards their relationship, Gwen decided to break up with Peter during her graduation dinner.

Aside from the relationship, Peter faces new challenges from Electro (another accidental villain from things gone badly at Oscorp) and Harry Osborn himself. Harry who inherited his dead father’s illness insisted Spiderman’s blood will be the only cure for his illness. But our Spiderman refuses as he fears things could gone wrong (remember the giant lizard?). Feels betrayed, Harry decided to team up with Electro to destroy their enemies at both Oscorp and Spiderman.

This installment also reveals the truth behind Richard Parker and his wife’s disappearance.

amazing spiderman 2 - fireman

amazing spiderman 2 - emma stone - andrew garfield

amazing spideman 2 - electro

Andrew Garfield;Dane DeHaan

This movie is definitely better compared to the first movie. I just love the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. I guess their real life romance helps. Sally Fields as always give her Oscar winning performance. She’s the best Aunt May by far. The Electro character in my opinion is too digitized (expected more from Jamie Foxx), but the kid who acted as Harry Osborne certainly deserves praises for his good performance (remind me to Google about him after this).

This movie certainly has more action compared to the first one, and the web-slinging shots are quite awesome. Just wished that the villains were not clichéd, and more character development was given to Electro. Anyways, pay attention at the Oscorp Special Projects lab. See if you can catch the other Spidey-villains.

Oh, by the way, Gwen Stacy dies. Bring tissues. (You’d know this is coming, if you’re an avid comic reader like CheeseBoy)

Verdict: Must see for Spidey-Fans.

Oh, in case if you are wondering whether there’s any preview after the movie. Well, there’s some clips from the new  X-men movie and that was it. You don’t have to wait till end of credit like what CheeseBoy and I did!

amazing spiderman 2 - cheeseboy

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