The Biggest Loser / Losing Weight CheeseBoy Style

I was going through my old clothes looking at what to throw out. (Jeez, my clothes need updating). Torn pants, out. Old free gift t-shirts, out. Socks with holes, out. Early 90s grunge shirt, ou… wait, in.

And guess what I found? An old pair of jeans!

How come there’s a pair of jeans that I didn’t wear? It’s not torn. *flips pants* No, there are no strange stains. *turns jeans inside out* Hmm, it’s not imitation. *scratching head*

Losing Weight

Then I saw why. At the leather patch, there’s an almost faded ink stamp … “38”. OMG! This was the pants I wore when I was a huge 83kg! That was about 3 years ago.

My current weight now is 64 kgs. Yup, lost almost 20 kilos and maintained it! *patting myself on the back* Back at my proper BMI level.

Looking back, here’s how I did it:

1. I Stopped Eating Unnecessarily
At the peak of my weight, Belacan Girl and I were doing our MBA while having a 9-to-6 daytime job. Needless to say, we were highly stressed out. And stress = eating! We ate during the day, we ate at night, we ate at late night study sessions, we ate during sleep. (okay, that’s exaggerating) Snacks were our best friends. When we graduated, there was less stress. Hence, we ate less. The weight became less too. Nowadays, I eat once a day. Seriously. Not because I want to lose weight, but I’m so busy that I normally forget to eat lunch. (I hate long lunch queues, and the cafeteria food at my office really sucks.) So, sometimes I just take fruits or buns for lunch, and I wait until I reach home where both of us will cook simple dinners instead. Home cooked meals are the best!

2. I Focused on Being Healthy
Three years ago, I was constantly sick. I easily caught fever and was coughing all the time. My sinus was a nightmare. I was quite fit, but my antibodies were not fighting diseases at they should. I noticed that as my weight dropped, I was feeling lighter and better. The fevers stopped coming, and my non-stop coughs disappeared. It helped that I took Redoxon for that extra boost of vitamins too. Maybe as I got lighter, my antibodies lost weight too and they’re not as lazy. 😛

3. I Have a Wife Who Monitors My Food Intake
Belacan Girl have been monitoring my diet too. I can’t take carbonated drinks anymore, which is still my weakness. (I get cranky if I don’t get my sugar drinks) I seldom eat fast food anymore. Years ago, I ate McDonald’s everyday for lunch. (Hey, those lunch value meals were cheaper than normal nasi campur). No wonder I got big. Nowadays, Belacan Girl monitors my food purely because I’m prone to diabetes and high cholesterol…. My parents have both each. I guess she just wants me to live longer.

4. I Just Wanted To
The last tip is just that. I wanted to lose weight. That’s it. Just pure and simple will-power. That’s something I have an abundance of. If I set my mind to something, sooner or later God-willing I will achieve it.

So that’s it. If anyone out there wants to lose some weight, you can do what I did. Sure it took long, but the weight stayed off. More of a change of lifestyle. But then again, you can always go to the gym or read Kevin Zahri’s blog. 🙂

Losing Weight(Looks like one of those cheesy weight-loss program advertisements. Hehehe)

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser / Losing Weight CheeseBoy Style

  1. Who doesn’t want to lose weight so much so health centres mushrooming every where. Those who become their clients happily giving out testimonies how effective those exercise and treatment they received.(I guessed for those who have money to splash around it’s okay) As for me the best weight loss program is mere exercise and taking the right food and taking it at the right time.( But alas, my children just don’t like to take fruits and vegetables).In other words weight loss program needs discipline. I’m a health freak. So I seriously do watch my food intake and exercise regularly. Because of my age I just do morning walk at the taman alternating it with Tai-Chi. So far, Alhamdulillah I’m okay in spite of my slightly high cholesterol level. May Allah blessed me with good health so that I can still enjoy life in my twilight years. Amiin..

    • As we grow older, we find that health is a very important asset. Poor health equals poor performance equals poor income equals poor life. Any investment in health whether physical, emotional or financial is worthwhile.

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