The Book Bet

Belacan Girl really knows how to push my buttons. As some of you may have read in my old posts, I’m trying to finish my next book. Unfortunately I always get sidetracked by office work, family stuff, or just plain procrastination. (Okay, okay, it’s procrastination mostly.) What’s worse is that I’m down to just 3 more chapters, and that makes me even lazier.

Enter…. The Book Bet!

Belacan Girl knows that I’m a voracious reader (I love books! #geek) and being the loyal Manchester United fan that I am (#GGMU) I’ve also mentioned to her that I’ve been wanting to buy Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography for quite some time now. I’ve also been saying that my book will finish soon for a few years already. (Soon dear, soon!)

I guess she’s finally tired of my procrastination. Guess what? She bought the Alex Ferguson book, and put it in the glass display at home. She said I can only read it once I’ve finished writing my new book! If she ever catches me reading it, I’m going to have to sleep outside with the stray cats and mosquitoes.

Damn. Blackmail motivation. The only way to get things done with me. Well played dear, well played. 🙂

Alex Ferguson
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