My Comfort Food

Despite often posting up pictures of food we tried at new restaurants, CheeseBoy and I most of the time prefer simple food at home. There are days that CheeseBoy and I get so tired of outside food. There are also days that our refrigerator is almost empty, but we just don’t feel like eating in public places. Whenever this happens, CheeseBoy and I will normally opt for our comfort food – nasi, kicap, ikan or ayam goreng.

Last Friday night, CheeseBoy and I both agreed that we were tired of eating out/having take-out meal. So, straight from work we decided to stop at a nearby supermarket and bought ourselves few pieces of chicken. Reached home, cooked the rice, fried the chicken, and voila! Dinner is served 😛

My comfort food

Nothing beats simple food such as this; sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching tennis on the telly, while holding the plates with our hands!


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